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All meetings are at the Boulder Public Library, Meadows Branch, 4800 Baseline Road (behind Safeway) map.

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Be Sure to Attend the April 28 Planning Board Meeting about the Hogan-Pancost Property

(April, 2016) After withdrawing their last proposal in 2013, the development group has requested that the City of Boulder again consider annexation of the 22-acre Hogan-Pancost property. Neighbors have substantial concerns related to flood risks, groundwater flooding issues, traffic, and environmental concerns. These concerns were shared by Planning Board members who unanimously voted (7 to 0) to deny the prior (2013) request. Please be sure to attend this meeting to make your voice heard. Planning Board will consider the Annexation and Inial Zoning application on Thursday, April 28 at 6pm in Boulder City Council Chambers, Boulder Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway.

Questions or comments related to the project should be sent to Karl Guiler at or 303-441-4236. Comments may also be directly sent to the Planning Board at A SEBNA flyer with information about the meeting is here and the notice from the city is here. Please share with your neighbors!

Make Your Voice Heard at Upcoming Meetings about SEBNA's Hogan-Pancost BVCP Change Request

(January, 2016) Be sure to attend the following upcoming meetings in Boulder where SEBNA's Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP) change request will be discussed. The following late January and early February meetings are scheduled:

Additional information about upcoming meetings related to the BVCP is available here.

City Holds Session to Review Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Survey

(January, 2016) City staff and a representative of the firm that conducted a survey about the Boulder Valley Comprehensive plan will give a presentation and be available to answer questions from members of the Planning Board and the public. The meeting will be held Thursday, Jan. 21 at 6 p.m. in Council Chambers (second floor), 1777 Broadway The meeting will be broadcast live on Comcast Channel 8 and streamed live on The recorded meeting will be available on the Channel 8 website beginning on Friday, Jan. 22.

Learn about SEBNA's Hogan-Pancost BVCP Change Request

(January, 2016) The Southeast Boulder Neighborhoods Association (SEBNA) has submitted a change request for the Hogan-Pancost property to move the property to Area III as part of the 2015 Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan (BVCP).Information about the submission is available here.

City to Hold Early December "Listening Session" about Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

(November, 2015) Tell Boulder and Boulder County what you think about key issues affecting the Boulder Valley and your part of town - attend the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan Update listening session for Southeast Boulder on December 2 (6:30 to 8:30pm) at Eisenhower Elementary, 1220 Eisenhower Drive

See the City's Southeast Boulder current land use map and fact sheet.

More information about the listening sessions is available here.

East Arapahoe Transportation Plan Public Workshop

(November, 2015) Provide input about the transportation vision for the East Arapahoe corridor and what it can look like for people using all modes of travel -- including walking, biking, transit and driving. Please join the City of Boulder at this public workshop on Thursday, Nov. 19 from 5 to 7 p.m. at Naropa University (Nalanda Campus) 6286 Arapahoe Ave.

For more information, visit here.

City Council to Review Annexation Proposal for Hogan-Pancost Property in September and October

(September, 2013) The first of two meetings where City Council will review the proposed annexation of the Hogan-Pancost site has been scheduled for First reading of the ordinances to annex and vacate a portion of unused right-of-way is set for Tuesday, September 3rd. No discussion on the project will occur at this meeting and public input is limited to the public participation portion of the meeting. The public hearing and City Council discussion (second reading of the ordinances) on the project is set for Thursday, October 3rd.

Questions or comments related to the project should be sent to Karl Guiler at or 303-441-4236.

The packet for the September 3 meeting is available here.

April Planning Board Meetings to Review Boulder Creek Commons Plans Announced

(March, 2013) The city is has scheduled three Planning Board meetings to consider Annexation and Initial Zoning/Site Review applications to permit the annexation, subdivision, and development of the 22-acre site with 50 congregate care units, six affordable duplex units, two affordable single-family units, and 63 market-rate, single-family units, for a total of 121 dwelling units. New public rights-of-way are also proposed between Kewanee Drive and 55th Street.

Study Session 1 (Thursday, April 18 at 7pm): Discussion between city staff and the Planning Board about the background of the site, project history, and the process and standards that the Planning Board must use to review the applications. This meeting is open to the public but is not a public hearing. Public testimony will be accepted on April 24 (and possibly on April 25).

Public Hearing 1 (Wednesday, April 24 at 6pm): Planning Board consideration of the Annexation and Initial Zoning and Site Review applications.

Public Hearing 2 (Thursday, April 25 at 6pm): Planning Board consideration of the Annexation and Initial Zoning and Site Review applications. It is anticpated that staff / applicant presentations and public commentary will occur on April 24 and that the Planning Board’s deliberation and decision will occur on April 25.

Information about the project is available here. Questions or comments should be sent to Karl Guiler at or 303-441-4236.

City Plans January 30 Open House about Boulder Creek Commons Plans, Encourages Respectful Participation

(January, 2013) The city is hosting an open house on the Boulder Creek Commons (Hogan-Pancost) project on Wednesday, Jan. 30th at Manhattan Middle School, between 5 and 8 p.m. The open house will be conducted by city staff as a opportunity for the public to review the plans and ask questions of city staff, the applicant’s consultants and the city’s fourth party consultants before the project is reviewed by Planning Board and City Council. The ciy has urged everyone who attends to watch an introductory video from David Driskell, the city’s Executive Director of Community Planning and Sustainability, available here. The video encourages attendees to be respectful. "Rules of etiquette" will also be posted at the event. The open house will feature a “comment wall,” which will enable the public to write out their concerns and comments, put them on the wall. Posted information will be forwarded on to the Planning Board and council. Other comments can be deposited into a comment box that will also be sent to the board and council. Information about the project is available here.

Revised Site Review Application for Boulder Creek Commons Received by City Staff

(November, 2012) City staff announced that it has received a revised and updated Site Review and Preliminary Plat application for a residential development at the Hogan Pancost site consisting of 50 attached congregate care dwelling units, 6 affordable duplex dwelling units, 2 affordable single family home dwelling units and 63 market rate single family dwelling units (total of 121 units). These applications will require Planning Board and City Council review at public hearings. These hearings have not yet been scheduled; however, once on the calendar, additional mailed and email notices will be sent. The “Boulder Creek Commons” plans and associated materials can be viewed under the “Revision 1” here. Comments on the proposal may be sent to Karl Guiler (City of Boulder Department of Community Planning & Sustainability) for consideration by city staff and compilation for Planning Board review. Karl may also be reached at 303-441-4236 with any questions.

Parks and Recreation Launches Master Plan Public Engagement with Online Survey and Input Meetings

(October, 2012) – The city is encouraging community member input to shape the future of parks and recreation in Boulder. They are asking community members to complete a 5-minute online survey and attend one of several scheduled meetings. More information can be found here.

City Staff Encourages Planning Board to Remove Resolution about “Timely Sharing and Review” from the August 16 Meeting Agenda

(August, 2012) – In a surprising turn of events, city staff encourages Planning Board to remove its resolution about "timely sharing and review" of information from the meeting agenda. Planning Board voted to remove the hearing item from its agenda. Minutes from the meeting can be found here.

Review of City Staff Resolution about “Timely Sharing and Review” Delayed to August Planning Board Meeting

(July, 2012) – In response to complaints by Southeast Boulder community members about being allowed less than a week to review and respond to the resolution, the city rescheduled the public hearing for the resolution to August 16, 2012.

City Staff Resolution about “Timely Sharing and Review” of Information is in Response to Southeast Boulder Community Members’ Presentations in January 2012

(July, 2012) – The resolution developed by city staff for Planning Board review says that presentations by Southeast Boulder community members at the January 2012 Planning Board meeting “made it challenging for staff, the applicant, and the Planning Board to review and comprehend such data.” City staff are suggesting that Planning Board adopt the resolution to encourage more timely sharing of information by community members. The draft resolution is here.

City Staff Brings Resolution to Planning Board about “Timely Sharing and Review” of Information for Public Hearings

(July, 2012) – In a message to Southeast Boulder community members, Karl Guiler announced that city staff will bring a resolution to the Planning Board “encouraging the timely sharing and review of information in advance of public hearings” related to the Boulder Creek Commons project. Planning Board meeting agendas can be found here. Comments about the resolution may be sent to Mr. Guiler at and comments are also welcome by Planning Board and staff at the public hearing.

Updated Groundwater Recharge Evaluation Report Posted to City Web Site

(July, 2012) – City staff has uploaded a Groundwater Recharge Evaluation report to the city’s Boulder Creek Commons website, here.

City Receives Site Review Application for Boulder Creek Commons (Hogan Pancost) Housing Development

(June, 2012) - City staff has received a Site Review and Preliminary Plat application for a residential development at the Hogan Pancost site consisting of 50 attached congregate care dwelling units, 6 affordable duplex dwelling units, 2 affordable single family home dwelling units and 63 market rate single family dwelling units (total of 121 units). These applications will require Planning Board and City Council review at public hearings. Hearings have not yet been scheduled. A copy of the proposed plans and all other associated materials submitted with the application has been posted to the city's website here. For questions or comments related to the proposal, please send email to Karl Guiler (City of Boulder Department of Community Planning & Sustainability) for consideration by city staff and compilation for Planning Board review. Karl may also be reached at 303-441-4236 with any questions.

Planning Board Meeting to Review Boulder Creek Commons Concept Plan Scheduled for January 19th

(January, 2012) - The City of Boulder Planning Board hearing to discuss the Boulder Creek Commons (Hogan-Pancost) project has been scheduled for Thursday January 19 at 6pm. The Planning Board's review of the Concept Plan is a first step in the review process and is an opportunity for residents to comment on the proposal before a Site Review application is submitted. Be sure to attend so your voice is heard! The meeting will be held in City Council Chambers, 1777 Broadway. If you can't attend, you can also submit comments to Planning Board members via email. More information from the city is here. Also see for more information about the issues.

SEBNA Soliciting Donations

(January, 2012) - SEBNA has been focusing on opposing plans for development on the Hogan-Pancost site and this will be a long and involved process. We have collected dues over the years to support operating costs, banking excess funds in an account until they were needed. We have have nearly depleted these funds. If you are willing to make a contribution, even a small one, to support these efforts, please send a check to: Southeast Boulder Neighborhoods Association, P.O. Box 3618, Boulder, CO 80307

PLAN-Boulder County Hosts Meeting to Discuss Development in Southeast Boulder

(January, 2012) - Neighbors participated in a discussion on Friday January 13th about the Boulder Creek Commons Development. A summary of the meeting is here.

The Blue Line Publishes Article about Proposed Boulder Creek Commons Development

(December, 2011) - The Blue Line, Inc., a non-profit corporation informing Boulder residents about political, controversial and provocative city and community issues, has published an article about the proposed Boulder Creek Commons Development. Click here to see the article and a video with an overview of the issues.

Planning Board Meeting Delayed

(December, 2011) - The city announced that the Concept Plan (tentatively scheduled to be reviewed at the Planning Board's January 5, 2012 meeting) will be reviewed at a later date. A city staffer said that the developer "is considering Jan. 19th."

City Offering Survey to Collect Feedback on Boulder Creek Commons Development Plans

(November, 2011) - The city has developed an online survey to collect public input, including specific concerns about the plans for development. The survey is available here.

Boulder Creek Commons Submits Concept Plan for Development of Hogan Pancost Property

(October, 2011) - The developer has submitted a plan to develop 121 housing units on the property just south of the new soccer fields near the East Boulder Community Center. The city has invited "initial comments" from the public prior to Nov 2, 2011 for consideration in their initial response to the concept plan. A Planning Board meeting is tentatively scheduled for January 5, 2012. Information about the project and links for providing comments to city staff are here.

Meeting to Discuss Future of Bus Routes that Serve East Boulder

(October, 2011) - RTD is hosting a meeting Monday Oct 3 at 7pm at the East Boulder Senior Center to discuss RTD service reductions, including a proposal to discontinue or reduce service of two routes that our neighborhood (Routes 203 and 225). More information is here.

City to Consider Height Modification to Allow 35 Foot Tall Sculpture at East Boulder Community Park

(September, 2011) - The current maximum permitted structure height is 20 feet and the city will be reviewing a proposal to install a sculpture that exceeds this. A copy of the letter with information about the review process is here.

East Boulder Soccer Fields Recognized with Ribbon Cutting by City

(September, 2011) - City Council members and parks and open space representatives held a ribbon cutting ceremony on a beautiful fall day. The new soccer fields at East Boulder Community Park are open.

Family of Bears Visits East Boulder!

(September, 2011) - Neighbors on Omaha and Pueblo Place reported a mom and 3 cubs going through their trash. Be careful and keep your trash secured for a while.

Learn about Prairie Dogs--A Keystone Species

(August, 2011) - Prairie dogs are considered a keystone species--one that plays a critical role in maintaining the structure of an ecological community, affecting many other organisms in an ecosystem and helping to determine the types and numbers of various other species in the community. Take a tour of the prairie dog burrows and learn about this keystone species' home life, language, and important role in the grassland ecosystem with Taylor Jones of WildEarth Guardians. Event is free at REI Boulder August 26, 2011 at 6:30. More information is here.

Garden-In-A-Box Program Offers "Fall Shade Garden"

(August, 2011) - The Center for Resource Conservation offers the Garden-In-A-Box program to simplify water-wise gardening by providing professional "plant-by-number" designs, a selection of xeriscape plants, and planting and care instructions all below retail costs. The Fall Shade Garden is available for ordering online for pickup in Boulder on August 26-27. More information is here.

Meeting to Discuss Boulder's Energy Future - Thursday June 2

(May, 2011) - As part of the Boulder's Energy Future project, the City of Boulder will host a "Know Your Power" public forum event from 6 to 8:30 p.m. on Thursday, June 2, at the East Boulder Community Center, 5660 Sioux Drive. The event will feature a presentation by the city, a community discussion session and three speakers who will provide their views about energy supply opportunities and issues. More information is here.

Groundwater Engineer/Hydrologist/Geologist to Present "Groundwater 101" at Next City Planning Board Meeting - Thursday May 5

(April, 2011) - City staff has arranged for a groundwater expert to present some basic information about the science behind groundwater to the Planning Board on May 5th. The presentation will not be a public hearing item. However, as with any Planning Board meeting, you can address the board during the public participation at the beginning of the meeting. This is a good opportunity to raise questions about the impact of the proposed Boulder Creek Commons (Hogan-Pancost) project on groundwater, basement flooding in the neighborhood, and other topics. The meeting is May 5, 2011 @ 6pm, 1755 Broadway - City Council Chambers. The meeting agenda is available here. The packet of information for the meeting will be available on Friday afternoon on the same page

Flood Season Begins in Boulder

(April, 2011) - April 10 to April 16, 2011, is Colorado Severe Weather Awareness Week, and the City of Boulder would like to remind community members that along with severe weather comes flash flood season. Boulder's flood season officially begins in April and runs through the end of September, but floods can happen at any time. Boulder is the number one flash flood risk community in Colorado due to its location at the mouth of Boulder Canyon, the number of people who live and work within the Boulder Creek floodplain, and the numerous other drainage basins running through the city. Therefore, flood safety and preparation is always a high priority for the community. However, following the Fourmile Canyon Fire, there is a lack of vegetation and permeable soil in the burn area. This creates an increased possibility of rain run-off and flooding on both Boulder Creek and Fourmile Canyon Creek if a severe storm were to occur over the burn area. This increased flood potential could last anywhere from 2 to 10 years until the landscape starts to recover. Learn more here.

Free "Water-Wise" Landscaping Seminars

(April, 2011) - There are a number of free seminars coming up hosted by the Boulder's Center for ReSource Conservation. The seminars are presented by authorities on various aspects of conservation-savvy landscaping and are open to everyone. Topics include Xeriscaping, Water-wise Gardening, and Drip Irrigation. More information is here.

Meeting to Discuss Results of Boulder Creek Commons (Hogan-Pancost) Environmental Studies - Thursday January 6

(December, 2010) - Planning Board will have a public hearing to review the results of the environmental impact studies on Thursday Jan. 6th at 6pm in the City Council chambers located at 1777 Broadway. According to the city: "As part of the 2007 Concept Plan application, staff, area neighbors and the property owners agreed that a detailed environmental analysis of the property be completed prior to the submittal and review of a new Concept Plan application to ensure that any future proposal responds to environmental factors that may exist on-site." Updated information about the project is here. Copies of documents related to the environmental studies can be found here.

Meeting to Discuss Flood Mitigation Options for South Boulder Creek - Tuesday December 14

(December, 2010) - The Water Resources Advisory Board will consider the Mitigation Plan Study and list of Alternatives at a meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 14, 7 p.m. Municipal Services Center (City Yards) 5050 E. Pearl Street. Several options will be considered including installation of a giant underground pipe along an existing ditch to carry flood water and use of the Manhattan Middle School fields for flood water retention. These options will likely affect how future flooding affects Southeast Boulder homes. Take the time to learn about them and how they may affect you and your property. A WRAB memo for this item with a summary of the options is here.

Boulder Concert Band at Manhattan Middle School - Saturday December 4

(December, 2010) - The Boulder Concert Band Presents A Polar Express Christmas with special guests The Highline Silver Cornet Band Saturday December 4th, 2010 7:00pm @ Manhattan Middle School of Arts and Academics 290 Manhattan Dr., Boulder, CO. More information is here.

SEBNA Offers Kill-A-Watt Electricity Usage Monitor

(September, 2010) - Find out how much it costs to leave your computer on--or how much energy your TV and DVD player use when they're turned off. The Kill-A-Watt monitor tells you how much electricity appliances use in your home in real time. The monitor is available for loan to SEBNA members for a 2-week period. A $20 deposit is required (refunded when returned). Send a message to if you'd like to borrow it.

Center for ReSource Conservation Establishing Tool Library

(September, 2010) - The Tool Library is designed to be a place where citizens can borrow tools from a comprehensive, centralized tool inventory. The Tool Library will offer a wide range of tools to any Boulder County individual or nonprofit who needs tools for their projects and is currently soliciting donations for tools. More information is here.

South Boulder Creek Flood Mitigation Planning Study Meeting - Thursday, Sept. 2

(August, 2010) - The City of Boulder is working on a planning study to develop and evaluate measures to reduce flood risk along South Boulder Creek. A summary of work-to-date including concepts for flood mitigation will be presented at this public meeting to be held Thursday, Sept. 2, 2010 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Municipal Yards Service Center, 5050 E. Pearl Street. All are welcome to attend and staff will be on hand to hear public input on how to reduce flood risks associated with South Boulder Creek. More information is here.

SEBNA Hosting Community Picnic Sunday August 29

(August, 2010) - SEBNA will host its 3rd annual picnic on Sunday August 29 at 1pm at the playground south of Manhattan Middle School (east edge of Keewaydin Meadows Park). Meet your neighbors, eat tasty snacks, and play games. A flyer with more information is here.

Volunteers Needed for Bobolink South Boulder Creek Restoration - Friday July 23

(July, 2010) - The Bobolink trail (along South Boulder Creek) is the most popular trail in Boulder. South Boulder Creek is recognized as one of Colorado's State Natural Areas due to its mosaic of high quality wetlands, plains riparian forests, wet meadows, mesic tallgrass prairie ecosystems, and a remnant of the plains cottonwood riparian ecosystem, which provide essential wildlife habitat in an urbanized area. The floodplain in the area includes habitat for three rare plants and two animal species of concern. Volunteers will remove non-native shrubs, small trees and broadleaf plants from riparian area. By opening the canopy in unnaturally shaded areas, light will better support establishment of native plants. Species to be removed: crack willow, green ash, russian olive, privet, buck thorn, and common teasel. This project is a first phase of an on-going effort. More information can be found here here.

Meetings to Discuss Boulder's Energy Future - June 21 and June 29

(June, 2010) - Boulder is currently evaluating options for moving the city toward our clean energy goals. Boulder's relationship with Xcel Energy, will be a critical component of an energy strategy that looks to increase use of clean energy sources. The city is hosting two public meetings to discuss options and provide an opportunity for community input. Meetings are scheduled on June 21 (West Boulder Senior Center 5 to 7 p.m.) and June 29 (East Boulder Senior Center, 6 to 8 p.m.) More information about the meetings and these issues is available here.

SEBNA Holds Annual Meeting

(May, 2010) - SEBNA members met in may to hold annual elections and collect annual dues. Dues are $25/person and may be mailed to the address on the "Contact Us" page (checks payable to "SEBNA"). Members of the Steering Committee inlude Stephen Meyer, Jeff McWhirter, Steve Jones, Vince Wayland, Carol Atkinson, Ramon Jesch, Ted Jobe, Jim Johnson, Alan Katz, and Jessica Sandler.

Planning Board Votes to Not Pursue SEBNA's Request for Revision to Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

(April, 2010) - In a 4 to 3 vote, board members voted against further consideration of SEBNA's request, arguing that the issues would be better addressed as part of the pending concept plan review/annexation process for the former Hogan-Pancost property.

Public Hearing of Draft Recreation Program and Facilities Plan to be Held March 15

(March, 2010) - The goal of the Recreation Program and Facilities Plan is to help guide future decisions and resource allocations for Boulder's recreation division, including plans for Boulder's recreation centers. The public hearing on the draft plan will be held at 6 p.m. March 15 at the West Boulder Senior Center, 909 Arapahoe. The meeting agenda, draft plan, and related documents can be found here.

City Hosts March 3 Meeting to Collect Public Input Related to the Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

(February, 2010) - On March 3, the City will host the third of three meetings to: 1) Present what has been heard about items that should be included in the updated BVCP; 2) Check-in on BVCP core values; 3) Have "Cafe-style" Round table discussions about key themes of sustainability to gain clarity about concerns for the future; and 4) Prioritize issues and concerns. City staff will report back to the public on the input gathered from the community. Participants will work in small groups to prioritize top areas of focus based on community values for presentation to City Council. The meeting will be from 6 to 7:30 p.m., at the West Senior Center, 909 Arapahoe Avenue. More information is here.

Pedestrian Bridge Across Highway 36 Planned for Table Mesa Park and Ride

(February, 2010) - Eastbound slip ramps and a pedestrian bridge to connect the Table Mesa Park and Ride to the west side of Highway 36 are planned. The project is expected to reduce the Boulder-to-Denver commute by up to 15 minutes. Daily camera article is here.

SEBNA Submits Request for Revision to Boulder Valley Comprehensive Plan

(February, 2010) - SEBNA submitted a request for revision to the BVCP to include the Hogan-Pancost property within Area III as part of the 2010 Major Update process. Area III-Rural Preservation Area includes lands designated to remain rural in character. Information about the 2010 update to the BVCP is here.

Construction Continues at East Boulder Community Park

(February, 2010) - Phase II construction of East Boulder Community Park is underway. Plans include: Installation of two artificial turf multi-purpose fields, a parking lot, and an irrigation pond; improvements to the dog park, handball courts, and other features; and re-routing of Sioux drive so that it doesn't pass through the rec center parking lot. The City's Web site has more information about plans and progress here.

Neighbors Explore RTD Eco Pass Program

(December, 2009) - The Eco Pass program is a great low cost way to acquire a pass for unlimited public transportation use on RTD. Eco Pass programs are currently established in the Greenbelt Meadows and Keewaydin East neighborhoods (see Web site here). Neighbors are exploring the possiblity of establishing an Eco Pass program for the homes on Oneida, Seneca, Pueblo, Raritan, Omaha, and Tenino and will be visiting homes in December to discuss this opportunity and to distribute a survey about interest in the neighborhood. For more information, send a message to

Boulder County Energy Corps Offers Free Home Energy Assesments

(November, 2009) - The Energy Corps offers free basic home energy assessments Saturdays between November 2009 and April 2010 . Assessments include installation of compact fluorescent light bulbs, low-flow showerheads, programmable thermostats, weather-stripping and/or clotheslines; assessments of heating system, refrigerator/freezer and building shell insulation; education on energy-saving practices and techniques, and information on other sustainability programs in Boulder County. Groups of 15-20 homes are preferred. More infomation is available at the Web site here or by contacting Beth Beckel 303-441-3502.

City to Relocate Southeast Boulder Prairie Dogs

(September, 2009) - Beginning the week week of 9/3/09, approximately 50 prairie dogs will be relocated from East Boulder Community Park to Parks Area III property in north Boulder. The prairie dogs are being relocated to allow for the implementation of phase II of the East Boulder Community Park Concept Plan. The plan is to relocate as many prairie dogs as possible from the current site prior to construction. For further information contact Valerie Matheson, Urban Wildlife Conservation Coordinator, Office of Environmental Affairs, (303) 441-3004,

Neighbors Oppose Plans for East Boulder Community Park

(August, 2009) - Citing concerns about traffic, parking, and impact on local ecosystems and animals, residents of Greenbelt Meadows have been communicating with city planners about the Phase II plans for improving the East Boulder Community Park. See Daily Camera article here and Colorado Daily article here. A plan for the park, released in late August 2009 is available here.

Proposed Budget Calls for Keeping Meadows Library and All Library Branches Open

(August, 2009) - Boulder's City Manager proposed a budget that involves reducing library hours, but keeping all branches open. See article here Thanks to all who spoke out to keep the Meadows Branch Open!

SEBNA Hosting August 29 Community Picnic

(August, 2008) - A southeast Boulder community picnic is scheduled for Saturday August 29 at 3pm at the playground south of Manhattan Middle School (east edge of Keewaydin Meadows Park). Meet your neighbors, eat tasty snacks, and play games. More details to be announced.

Photovoltaic Fair and Discussion about the Future of Colorado's Solar Energy Industry at Meadows Library

(August, 2009) - Join Clean Energy Action for a community Photovoltaic Fair and discussion on the solar industry. With utility bills going up and with all of the incentives and programs available for renewable energy, come and learn how solar electric power could work for you. Several local solar electric companies will be available to speak to you about integrating solar power into your home or business and to answer all of your questions. Meadows Branch Library, August 11, 2009; 4800 Baseline Rd, Boulder CO; 5:00-6:45 Photovoltaic Fair; 7:00-8:45 The Future of Colorado’s Solar Industry For questions or more information contact Steve Mannhard at Stephen.Mannhard@

Planning Board to Discuss "Compatible Development" in Boulder Neighborhoods

(July, 2009) - The city of Boulder Compatible Development in Single Family Neighborhoods project and proposed ordinance language will be heard at Planning Board on Thursday, July 9, 2009. For up-to-date meeting information, visit the project Web site here or call Julie Johnston at 303-441-1886.

Energy Fair in Greenbelt Meadows

(June, 2009) - Greenbelt Meadows HOA is hosting an Energy Fair on this Saturday, June 6. All neighbors in Southeast Boulder are invited. Refer to the attached flyer for details such as refreshments, location, time, and vendor promotions. The first 40 people to bring an incandescent light bulb to the Fair will be able to swap it for an energy saving compact flourescent light (CFL)! Come with friends, family, and neighbors to have fun, enjoy conversation, and learn how to quickly and simply save $$$$ and energy. Even if you cannot attend, please spread the word to others. See a flyer with more information here

City Hosts Public Meetings to Discuss Budget Priorities and Solicit Input

(May, 2009) - Boulder will host two "public workshops," where residents are invited to learn more about the city's short-term and long-term budget picture -- and to provide their feedback about what should get funded and what budget cuts should be made. These meetings are a great opportunity to express support for keeping the Meadows Library branch open. The meetings will take place at 6:30 p.m. on May 11 at Fairview High School, 1515 Greenbriar Blvd., and at 6:30 p.m. on May 21 at the West Senior Center, 909 Arapahoe Ave. More information on the city budget is available here.

City Expands Mosquito Control Efforts to Southeast Boulder Neighborhood

(May, 2009) - Thanks to neighbors who got the attention of city leaders over the past many months, Boulder will expand its efforts to control "nuisance" mosquitos to the Greenbelt Meadows neighborhood. See the Daily Camera article here.

FEMA Set to Approve South Boulder Creek Flood Mapping Study

(April, 2009) - FEMA notified the city of Boulder that it intends to offcially adopt (effective January 2010) the revised floodplain mapping that resulted from the South Boulder Creek flood mapping study. The new floodplain mapping will be used as the basis for the Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) that establishes minimum regulatory floodplain boundaries under the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and federal mandatory flood insurance purchase requirements. More information is available here.

Neighbors Speak Out at City Council Meetings

(April, 2009) - Several southeast Boulder neighbors spoke at Council meetings in April to express concerns about the possible closure of the Meadows library branch and to call attention to the mosquito problem in the neighborhood and to encourage expansion of the pilot mosquito control program to Greenbelt Meadows. Thanks to everyone who participated.

Join Neighbors at This Week's City Council Meeting to Speak Out about Meadows Library

(March, 2009) - The April SEBNA meeting has been canceled to that concerned neighbors can attend the City Council meeting on Tuesday 4/7/09 to comment about the possible closure of the Meadows Library branch. The meeting will be at 6pm in the Council Chambers, second floor, Municipal Building, 1777 Broadway, at the southwest corner of Broadway and Canyon. Please attend to help save our neighborhood library. Information about speaking at City Council meetings can be found here.

Library Commission Proposes $5 Million in Improvements to Boulder's Main Library, Despite the Possibility of Closing the Meadows Library Branch

(March, 2009) - See the Daily Camera article here. And Colorado Daily article here. A copy of the Boulder Public Library's 2009 Facilities Report, which presents the plan can be found here.

Library Officials Consider Closing Meadows Library

(March, 2009) - To address budget concerns, officials are considering closing this library branch in Southeast Boulder. A 3/6/09 Daily Camera article announcing this is here. SEBNA is opposed to closing the branch. Please take a moment to send a message to your city manager and the city council in support of our neighborhood library! City Manager: Jane Brautigam 303-441-3090, City Council: 303-441-3002 Several letters to the editor, that argue for keeping the library open, can also be found on the Daily Camera Website by searching on "meadows library"

City to Present "Mosquito Pilot Project Summary" to Board of Health on Monday 2/9/09

(February, 2009) - The Board of Health lists "Presentation from City of Boulder on Mosquito Pilot Project Summary" as the second item on its agenda for the next meeting. This may be an opportunity to learn more about the Mosquito Pilot Project and what city staff and Board of Health is thinking about the issue of mosquitoes in Boulder. The meeting begins at 5:30pm 2/9/09 at the Boulder County Public Health Auditorium, 3450 Broadway. Board of Health meeting minutes and agendas may be found here.

City re-submits South Boulder Creek Flood Mapping Study Results

(February, 2009) - City staff recently re-submitted the South Boulder Creek (SBC) Flood Mapping Study results to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). It is anticipated that FEMA will complete its review of the revised flood study results in early 2009 and will solicit public comments as part of its review process. The SBC Mapping Study will be used to regulate both existing and newly designated floodplain areas and to revise the local Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM). Based on the information submitted to FEMA on Dec. 30, 2008, a few new properties have been added to the floodplain area. Owners of newly and previously designated 100-year floodplain properties will receive a notification/reminder letter by Feb. 13, 2009. Staff plans to begin regulating the new properties on Wednesday, April 1, 2009. For more information and to access the new flood maps and tables that indicate the location of affected properties, visit

Burglaries in Southeast Boulder

(December, 2008) - Three homes had break-ins in late December. Be sure to lock your doors and report any suspicious activity. See Daily Camera article here.

City Reports that MacKenzie House Will Submit Concept Plan (Hogan-Pancost/Boulder Creeek Commons Property)

(November, 2008) - On 11/14/08, Senior Planner for the City, Charles Ferro, sent the following e-mail to Neighbors "Dear Hogan Pancost Neighbors: Please note that staff met with Makenzie House regarding the process for moving forward with a Concept Plan review. The applicant will submit all environmental analyses for the city's review prior to the submittal of a Concept Plan by the end of the year. The city will retain a third party consultant to review all findings. As soon as the studies are submitted, I will distribute them to the neighborhood for review as well. Please feel free to contact me with any questions." Information about the plan and how reach Charles Ferro is here.

"Final Input Meeting" for Development of East Boulder Community Park

(October, 2008) - The City of Boulder will host a final meeting to solicit input from the community on park design plans for the second phase of the park's development. Plans include adding additional parking spaces and multi-purpose fields, and may have substantial impact on traffic flow. Please attend to make sure that your input is considered! The meeting is Wednesday October 15, 2008 at the East Boulder Senior Center, 5660 Sioux Dr. More information about the meeting and the "Draft Final Development Plan" can be found here.

City of Boulder to Host Workshops to Discuss "Compatible Development"

(September, 2008) - The city of Boulder invites the public to several community workshops to discuss the "Compatible Development in Single-Family Neighborhoods" project (formerly known as "Pops and Scrapes"). City Council has identified addressing compatible development as a priority for single-family neighborhoods. A community workshop for South Boulder (Table Mesa and Martin Acres) will be held Tuesday, Sept. 23 - 6:30 to 8 p.m., East Senior Center, 5660 Sioux Drive. More information can be found here.

Neighbors Speak Out about Mosquito Problem in Southeast Boulder

(September, 2008) - Greenbelt Meadows residents recently brought the issue to the attention of the city. A 9/1/08 Daily Camera article is here.

East Boulder Community Park Plan Update

(August, 2008) - Boulder's Parks and Recreation Department hosted a second meeting to solicit community member input on 8/27/08. Information about the plan and notes from the community meeting in June 2008, which include community member comments and concerns, are posted on the city's Web site here. For more information, to comment or ask questions, contact Perry Brooks, Parks and Planning Department at 303-413-7226.

SEBNA Hosting June 22 Community Picnic

(June, 2008) - A southeast Boulder community picnic is scheduled for the Sunday June 22 at 1pm at the new playground south of Manhattan Middle School (east edge of Keewaydin Meadows Park). Meet your neighbors, eat tasty snacks, play games, and learn about bicycle safety with a "Safety Town" for kids sponsored by the City of Boulder. A flyer with more information is here Picnic Flyer.pdf

Public input meeting for East Boulder Community Park to be held on June 4

(June, 2008) - The city of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Department will hold a public meeting to discuss the design and development of phase two of the East Boulder Community Park from 6 to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 4, at the East Boulder Senior Center, 5660 Sioux Drive. More information is here.

June is Bike and Walk Month!

(June, 2008) - Find out about Boulder events and activities that are planned here.

East Boulder Recreation Center Closed for Maintenance

(May, 2008) - The East Boulder Recreation Center will be closed for maintenance from May 23 to June 1.

Boulder County stops grading work at Hogan-Pancost

(March, 2008) - Responding to concerns from SEBNA members, Boulder County officials have ordered the owners of a 22-acre parcel in eastern Boulder to halt grading and excavation. See Daily Camera article here.

Local playground reopens!

(February, 2008) - After many months, the playground just south of the Manhattan Middle School parking lot has reopened with lots of new playground equipment!

SEBNA establishes member e-mail list

(January, 2008) - The SEBNA email list is an open forum for members to discuss neighborhood issues. SEBNA hopes that the list will be a useful resource for the community, providing a place for neighbors to learn about things like: what's going on in the community, the name of a good plumber or locksmith, favorite routes to ride a bike downtown, where to find a good babysitter, how to get rid of your old couch, and other topics.

City announces that new South Boulder Creek floodplain maps will be used for local regulation

(November, 2007) - A letter sent by the City of Boulder to owners of property in the updated 100 year floodplain announced that regulations related to 1) construction and remodeling and 2) flood insurance for most homes with mortgages will go into effect on January 1, 2008. A copy of the letter is here. Additional information about the South Boulder Creek Mapping study may be found here.

SEBNA finalizes association bylaws and elects steering committee members

(October, 2007) - SEBNA officers and steering committee members were elected at the October 22 meeting.

Learn about plans for development of Hogan/Pancost Property, southeast of the South Boulder Rec Center

(October, 2007) - For more information see